Stephen A Smith Goes Loaded Lux Over #LaquanMcDonald Video

Updated: November 27, 2015

Stephen A Smith has taken a lot of flack for his comments on the “Black Lives Matter” hash tag, but apparently he has hit his breaking point. Stephen’s usual fence-sitter “there is black on black crime too” opinion has apparently been thrown after watching the video in which Laquan McDonald was shot 16 times execution style by Chicago police…


I really have no comments on this that haven’t been expressed by other people who are disgusted by the waste of life that select rogue officers have displayed on some of these video tapes. I’m not personally a supporter of marching and protesting as a response nor am I advocating anarchy but this is crazy. Stephen is right, something needs to be done. Politically we need to protect citizens from these rogue elements.

Stephen A’s comments on Laquan McDonald below:

….all first verse. All first verse.

Talk to em’ Stephen.