NFL Expected to Adopt N Word Penalty and Ejections

Updated: February 22, 2014

The NFL is expected to be the first major sport to adopt a rule that will eject players for using the N word.

Here is the information with my comments below:

The head of the Fritz Pollard Alliance, which monitors diversity in the NFL, expects the league to institute a rule where players would be penalized 15 yards for using the N-word on the field.

John Wooten, the head of the Fritz Pollard Alliance, anticipates that the NFL’s competition committee will enact the rule at the owners’ meeting next month.

Wooten, who previously has urged all players to stop using the N-word, thinks the NFL will rule an automatic 15-yard penalty for first-time offenders and an ejection for second infractions.


My thoughts:

If you’ve ever been to a NFL football game you already know the irony of this rule. You can’t even hear the players on the field! I don’t see any reason for the NFL to adopt this rule, this is just opening a can of worms.

I am writing a longer Michael Sam post that may or may not be posted here depending on how I feel when I read it, but one thing is clear. His presence will change football as we know it, at least in the near term.

The NFL is under the facade that it isn’t a barbaric sport where grown men risk life and limb for five months of the year as they slam into each other play after play. I’m fine with that. If you want to legislate hits to the head, then by all means do so. When you start getting down to what people can and can’t say then you get into a murky place where we start wondering where will it end.

Telling people what they can and can’t say is a straight violation of their first amendment rights. Remember we aren’t talking about workplace harassment, these are grown men trying to implement harm on each other inside the confines of a sport. A sport that should be left alone for the sake of competitive nature.

To make light of the situation I guess the players could always adopt the word hitta in response: