Video: Keyshawn Johnson Interview, Speaks on Justin Bieber Situation

Updated: June 1, 2013

TMZ had a chance to catch up with NFL legend Keyshawn Johnson for a few minutes. Key had a lot to get off his chest and let it loose in a stern but calm manner. Apparently Keyshawn is not only tired of being asked about Justin Bieber, but also tired of Bieber speeding through his neighborhood with no regards for the children who live nearby.

I can’t blame Key for wanting to give Biever that work. There is a paternal instinct that kicks in when you mess with someone’s children and if you are Justin Bieber’s size I don’t think you really want to get in a fight with a grown man over his children’s safety.

Video below:

One Comment

  1. m. lowry

    June 7, 2013 at 10:24 pm

    justins explanation sounds plausible to me. one of his friends admitted he was the driver. it sounds to me like keyshawn saw justin as he was preparing to back the car into the garage and not when he was driving. justin said he went into the house rather than get into it with keyshawn as his legal people previously told him to do to avoid any further confrontations with the neighbours. the football player sounded a bit shakey about the part where he actually saw him driving.