NFL Changes Six Rules For 2013 Season

Updated: March 16, 2013

As the National Football League faces a few hundred lawsuits over player safety, they have scrambled to create a “safer game” for the players currently playing. Yes this is a oxymoron because the sport of football by definition cannot be safe by nature. Either way, the NFL is going to try their hardest to make it look like they are acting in good faith.

With that said here are the six PROPOSED rule changes for 2013 and a brief commentary on each:

1. A play that would have been automatically reviewed by instant replay will still be reviewed even if a coach throws his challenge flag. Any coach who challenges a play that he’s not permitted to challenge would be charged a timeout, and wouldn’t get his timeout back even if he wins the challenge, or would lose 15 yards if his team is out of timeouts. But the play itself will still be reviewed.

I don’t get it. You can now challenge non challenge-able plays as long as you have a timeout or 15 yards to spare? This is going to be a clusterf***.

2. Player safety: On field goals and extra points, restrictions are added to what rush teams can do. No more than six defensive players would be permitted to align on either side of the snapper, defensive players can’t push their teammates across the line, and the long snapper is considered a defenseless player.

So you cannot challenge field goals with any kind of strategy anymore. Oooh, good. Let’s continue…

3. Eliminate the tuck rule.

Several teams have been saved via the rule. Some of the biggest moments in league history have been altered due to this rule. And now they want to change it? I guess better late than never, but never late is better….

4. Allow tight ends and H-backs to wear 40-49.

Why not? It only makes sense. Will Tebow be required to change numbers? I kid, I kid….

5. Player safety: Offensive players will not be allowed to block low when going toward their own end lines in the tackle box. Can’t go low when peeling back anywhere on the field.

Seems like a good rule. Too many defensive players have been losing ACL’s due to these types of blocks. The more “man up” blocking the better in my opinion.

6. Player safety: Initiating contact with the crown of the helmet is a foul if the runner or tackler delivers a forceable blow against his opponent when both players are outside the tackle box.

This is insane. How are running backs supposed to run then? Guys are told their whole careers to run behind their pads, break down and get low…. and now in the NFL it’s a foul. This is crazy because offensive players are not the ones inflicting concussions in those scenarios it’s the tacklers leading with their heads trying to make Sports Center. This is a game altering rule that should be thrown out.