Matt Elam and Shariff Floyd Declare for the Draft After Getting That Work From Teddy Bridgewater

Updated: January 3, 2013

matt elamWho saw last night’s BCS Sugar Bowl? Well if you didn’t left me sum things up for you: Florida’s defense got pushed around by Lousiville pretty badly and Teddy Bridgewater had an almost perfect performance.

The way Bridgewater ran the offense and executed passing plays are the reasons he is already in the top two on my 2014 NFL Mock Draft. It was so impressive many Florida Gators made it a point to come up and show respect after the game. But this post isn’t about him. It’s about the two pair of Gators that will be throwing their hat’s into the draft, Matt Elam and Shariff Floyd:

I have Floyd in my 2014 mock, so I’m going to have to edit that soon as well. I think both have a shot at being high second rounders, third rounders at worse. It just depends how they stack up at the combine. I’m very interested to see how Floyd looks in the drills.

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  1. Ron Alexander

    January 14, 2013 at 4:57 pm

    Shariff, I was looking at your early 2014 moc draft and it got me thinking. In addition to Bridgewater who barring injury is a top 5 lock, what if several or all of what would be “red-shirt Sophs come out?
    Like say,Marcus Mariotta from Oregon,Brett Hundley from UCLA,Kevin Hogan from Stanford,or even Johnny “football” Manziel ? Now that 5 plus the kids scheduled for that year would make it a Q.B class possibly second to none if they all pan out as expected.