Kennan Allen’s Mysterious Injury Drops Him in My Mock Draft

Updated: November 7, 2012

A few days ago I posted the latest weekly mock, and I got a very interesting comment. It went the lines of you are an idiot, where is Kennan Allen?!

Now granted, I am not a genius. I am actually human and make mistakes. After being mildly entertained by the keyboard strength displayed in the comment I checked my mock and I actually accidentally left Kennan Allen out of the first 32 picks. Honest mistake.

However we have to keep in mind that Kennan is suffering from that knee/leg injury he suffered on a pointless onside kick recovery. Until we learn the exact specifics of said injury I am going to have to drop him a few spots. Who knows, he just may elect to return to school depending on the severity of the damage.

For now Kennan Allen remains the 21st pick in my first round mock going to the Seahawks. You mad?