2013 NFL Mock Draft- Nov 2nd

Updated: November 2, 2012

I told you these 2013 NFL mock drafts were coming every week. Week eight is in the books and we are halfway through the NFL season. Considering no big trades happened I am going to assume no major acquisitions will happen going forward until after the NFL Draft or Superbowl.

This mock is slightly changed because of Marcus Lattimore’s injury. Though I believe he will be in this draft and should get drafted no later than the 3rd round (what’s up Pete Carroll), I don’t think any coach is crazy enough to pull a 1st rounder on him.

Without further adieu, the new mock:

1. Chiefs: Barkley, Matt QB USC
Man the Chiefs are bad. Baaad. Baaaad. And it is all because of the lack of a QB. Dwayne Bowe is a All Pro type of WR, but he can’t get anything consistent at the QB position. It’s time to pull the trigger. Fire Pioli, draft Barkley and start over.

2. Jaguars: Smith, Geno QB West Virginia
BLAIIIINE! What is funny, is that Blaine is playing statistically well, but he is still having issues standing tall to pressure and giving his guys a chance to win. I am not sure how the Jaguars can avoid this pick, unless they trade for some guy in the offseason…

3. Browns: Jones, Jarvis OLB Georgia
Jarvis Jones is drawing Von Miller comparisons. Need to hear more? The guy can BALL. He is a beast of a pass rusher and exactly what this Browns team ordered. If they can get a healthy Phil Taylor back and Jones… man…

4. Panthers: Lotulelei, Star DT Utah
Cameron Newton and crew are having another down year. Part of the reason is Carolina’s play calling… let me stop. Over 50% of the problem is Carolina’s college offense, and the other 50 is the fact that ANYONE can get 100 yards plus rushing on this defense. Star will alleviate some of those issues.

5. Raiders: Hankins, Johnathan DT Ohio State
Expect Star and Hankins to be drafted very close. I like both players equally but I think Star gets Hankins by a nose. Hankins will take over for Tommy Kelly who probably will not be a Raider next season.

6. Bills: Bray, Tyler QB Tennessee
No Tyler Wilson? I’m sorry but Bray is simply the better player. The Bills have a QB that gets great stats but it doesn’t translate to wins because he is throwing like crazy when they are behind. Tyler Bray has the swag, confidence, and arrogance to succeed. You put him with Mr. Swag himself Steve Johnson, you just may have something here.

Also do not rule out a defender here. The Bills spent WAY too much money to not be able to stop anyone.

7. Titans: Mingo, Barkevious OLB LSU
Mingo is a super athletic, tall, pass rusher. He’s loaded with potential. In a different draft class he may be the first player chosen… but potential is a scary word. The Titans can afford to gamble because what they have at DE is not going to cut it long haul.

8. Colts: Montgomery, Sam DE LSU
How much longer will this team carry Freeny? You have to believe he is out in 2013 via trade. Time to replace him and get younger.

9. Jets: Moore, Damontre DE Texas AM
Mr. Moore is flying up the 2013 draft board and right now is the favorite to win the Bednarik.

10. Bengals: Teo, Manti ILB Notre Dame
Kuechly went 8 so I have to pencil in this years best insider around the same spot. The Bengals simply cannot afford to leave this draft without Teo.

11. Cardinals: Joeckel, Luke OT Texas AM
Kevin Kolb is going to be their starter another season. But he has to prove he can hold Skelton off an entire year… keeping him healthy is going to be key. Joeckel is the top tackle right now and Arizona has to select whoever ends up at the top of their tackle board.

12. Chargers: Milliner, Demarcus CB Alabama
This team is getting long in the tooth at CB and if Milliner slips to their pick, it almost has to happen. Sure they need a few WRs but Peyton Da Gawd is in their division now.

13. Rams: Hunter, Justin WR Tennessee
Hunter is a beast when healthy who has the size and speed to be a #1 in the league. I have him as the top WR. Rams 2012 2nd rounder Brian Quick isn’t even getting activated for most games and Brandon Gibson is the next best option behind currently injured Danny Amendola…

14. Saints: Werner, Bjoern DE Florida State
Team Bountygate needs to stop the run, find a pass rush, and find some corners to help Pat Robinson. Coach, when you come back there is a lot of work to do.

15. Vikings: Short, Kawann DT Purdue
I used to really like Short as a prospect before he laid that borderline (dont kill me on Twitter lol) hit on Braxton Miller. But a mean streak is what you need to succeed in the NFL, and he seems to have it. Kevin Williams and crew will make sure he succeeds.

16. Buccaneers: Rhodes, Xavier CB Florida State
Aquib Talib just got traded. Hand: played.

17. Eagles: Banks, Jonathan CB Mississippi State
I really like Banks as a prospect. The Eagles are supposed to be scrapping a lot of the zone and wide nine coverage and get back to man-to-man. If Nnamdi returns to form this could be a formidable duo in the future.

Do not rule out QB here if Reid and Vick are both sent out of town. Eagles management is not happy with the product and one, or both, could be sent their pink slip.

18. Cowboys: Lemonier, Corey DE Auburn
Until Anthony Spencer signs an extension I am going to continue mocking his replacement here. I’d consider mocking a running back here to pair with Murray if he signs in the future.

19. Lions: Reid, Eric S LSU
Delmas is injured a lot and this team is not secret about their desire to add defensive backs. Anytime you have to resign Alphonso Smith in a crunch…

20. Rams: Matthews, Jake OT Texas AM
After finally giving Sam Bradford someone to throw too, Fisher grabs the best available OL.

21. Dolphins: Allen, Kennan WR Cal
Tannehill needs weapons outside.

22. Ravens: Ogletree, Alec ILB Georgia
Who will replace Ray Lewis? We all know he will retire as a LEGEND of the game LONG AFT’A HIS RECORDS HAVE FALLEN!

Hold up, I have to play this to get hyped to finish this mock:

23. Seahawks: Woods, Robert WR USC
Seahawks need to pick the best available passer, and they will in my 2013 NFL Draft mock. Sidney Rice can’t get past any CBs anymore, Golden Tate is invisible, Obamanu is injured… man… the WR struggle in Seattle is real right now.

24. 49ers: Vaccaro, Kenny S Texas
Whitner may get a new deal, he may not. Until we see what is going to happen there I’ll mock a safety to replace him.

25. Steelers: Porter, Sean OLB Texas AM
James Harrison days of playing big time, and getting big fines are coming to an end.

26. Broncos: Amerson, David CB N.C. State
What?! No DT?! Tell me the last time you saw John Fox draft a DT in the first round…. I’ll wait…

The Broncos are going to take a defensive back in 2013. The fact they can get by with Chris Harris and Tony Carter playing big minutes is amazing, but also impossible to hold up for days after Champ Bailey is long gone. In fact, the fact that the Broncos are relying so much on Harris and Carter so much is probably exactly what is going to get them bounced from the playoffs.

27. Packers: Eifert, Tyler TE Notre Dame
Jermichael Finley is still waiting on that Brinks truck… I dont think it’s coming bro…

28. Bears: Jenkins, John DT Georgia
A young DT is needed to take over in Chicago. I still believe right around here Tyler Wilson will go to the Eagles or another team that passes on him early but I won’t project the trade.

29. Patriots: Jones, Barrett OG Alabama
Young, versatile, smart… Patriot way.

30. Giants: Jordan, Dion DE Oregon
Jordan just seems like the type of guy that Giants would pick. This team is always adding pass rushers. Always.

31. Texans: Warmack, Chance OG Alabama
Eric Winston is in Kansas City now and if the Texans lose the Superbowl it could be because of that very reason. Or… because they get behind early and Schaub can’t pull it out.

32. Falcons: Okafor, Alex DE Texas
Ray Edwards and I are tied for sacks right now. That’s really awesome for me, and really bad for Ray. He will be replaced in 2013.

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  1. Kev

    November 6, 2012 at 12:13 pm

    Damn, your Mock Draft sucks because you have Justin Hunter ahead of Robert Woods and Keenan Allen not drafted in the first rd. I thought Mel Kiper and Todd McShay sucked, you have an even worse Mock Draft.