Burlsworth Trophy Announces 2013 Nominees

Updated: November 13, 2012

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark., Nov. 13, 2012 – Today, The Burlsworth Trophy and the presenting sponsor, the Springdale (Ark.) Rotary Club, are excited to announce the 50 players nominated for The Burlsworth Trophy. The 2012 list includes team captains, All-Conference selections, and national statistical leaders from every conference in the nation.

The Trophy is given to the most outstanding football player in America who began his career as a walk-on. A walk-on is defined as a player who began his first season of participation with a D1 (FBS) football program without financial aid of any kind from his university’s athletic department.

The 2011 winner was quarterback, Austin Davis from the University of Southern Mississippi. In his four-year career at USM, Davis amassed 10,727 passing yards, 81 touchdown passes and 12,082 yards in total offense. Davis was drafted this year and is now a reserve quarterback for the St. Louis Rams. The inaugural recipient in 2010 was two-time All-ACC center Sean Bedford from Georgia Tech.


The 2012 Burlsworth Trophy nominees are:


Player                                       Class      Position                               School

Kevin Ozier                             SR           Wide Receiver                   Arizona State University

Cole Lorigan                           SR           Safety                                   Arkansas State University

Jamill Smith                            JR            Wide Receiver                   Ball State University

Ezekiel Ansah                        SR           Defensive Line                  Brigham Young University

Chandler Catanzaro            JR            Place Kicker                        Clemson University

James Skelton                       SR           Linebacker                          Colorado State University

Garrett Rider                         JR            Safety                                   Duke University

Tristan Okpalaugo                SR           Outside Linebacker         Fresno State University

B.J. Finney                              Soph      Offensive Line                   Kansas State University

Norman Wolfe                      SR           Cornerback                         Kent State University

Jeremiah Taylor                    JR            Defensive End                   Marshall University

Anthony Amos                      SR           Wide Receiver                   Middle Tennessee State University

Chris Salvi                                SR           Safety                                   Notre Dame

Keith Moore                          JR            Linebacker                          Ohio University

Bryson Rose                           SR           Place Kicker                        Ole Miss

Andrew Seumalo                 SR           Defensive Tackle              Oregon State University

Matt McGloin                        SR           Quarterback                       Pennsylvania State University

Jamael Thomas                     SR           Defensive Tackle              Rice University

Michael Burton                     Soph      Fullback                                Rutgers University

David Quessenberry           SR           Offensive Tackle              San Jose State University

Joel Hasley                              Soph      Linebacker                          Texas Christian University

Andrew Abbott                    SR           Strong Safety                     UCLA

Carson Tinker                        SR           Deep Snapper                   University of Alabama

Trey Clark                                SR           Offensive Line                   University of South Alabama

Jared Tevis                              Soph      Safety                                   University of Arizona

Dylan Breeding                     SR           Punter                                  University of Arkansas

Kyle Negrete                         SR           Punter                                  University of Southern California

Ryan Iverson                          JR            Deep Snapper                   University of Colorado

Johnny McEntee                  SR           Quarterback                       University of Connecticut

Shane Ros                               JR            Wide Receiver                   University of Houston

Bobby Cowan                        SR           Punter                                  University of Idaho

Mike Meyer                           JR            Place Kicker                        University of Iowa

Craig McIntosh                      SR           Place Kicker                        University of Kentucky

Alex Kupper                           SR           Offensive Tackle              University of Louisville

Mitchell Bailey                       SR           Running Back                     University of Louisiana at Monroe

Mitch Huelsing                      SR           Defensive Back                 University of Memphis

Jordan Kovacs                       JR            Safety                                   University of Michigan

Max Copeland                       JR            Offensive Line                   University of Missouri

Spencer Long                        JR           Offensive Guard              University of Nebraska

Matt Raymer                         SR           Strong Safety                     University of New Mexico

Pete Mangum                       SR           Defensive Back                 University of North Carolina

Dominique Whaley             SR           Running Back                     University of Oklahoma

Alex King                                 SR           Punter                                  University of Texas

A.J. Lindeman                        SR           Offensive Line                   University of Toledo

Jared St. John                        SR           Defensive End                   University of Tulsa

Jared Abbrederis                 JR            Wide Receiver                   University of Wisconsin

Devon Walker                       SR           Safety                                   Tulane University

McKade Brady                       SR           Free Safety                         Utah State

Spencer Bishop                     JR            Tight End                             Wake Forest University

Eric Monette                          SR           Wide Receiver                   Western Michigan University


“We are extremely proud of this group of nominees for the 2012 Burlsworth Trophy,” said Marty Burlsworth, CEO and founder of the Burlsworth Foundation and brother of Brandon. “All of these young men have worked very hard to get to where they are. The stories behind these players are incredible and they are all winners in my book.”

Without one D1 scholarship offer, Brandon Burlsworth walked on to the Razorback team in 1994, worked his way to being a three-year starter and was eventually named an All-American in 1998. Burlsworth was selected as the 63rd overall pick by the Indianapolis Colts in the 1999 NFL draft, but was tragically killed in a car accident 11 days later. The Burlsworth Foundation was created in his memory and supports the physical and spiritual needs of children, in particular those children that have limited opportunities.


Springdale Rotary Club will host a banquet on Dec. 3 in Springdale, Ark. to honor the finalists and to announce the 2012 winner.


For more information about the Burlsworth Trophy, visit www.burlsworthtrophy.com.