2013 Recruiting: Robert Nkemdiche Decommits from Clemson?

Updated: November 8, 2012

We’ve done a few stories in the past on #1 recruit Robert Nkemdiche. For those that don’t remember he verbally committed to Clemson a few months ago with the stipulation that the team had to carry one of his high school boys on scholarship with him.

The thing about these verbal commitments is that they are non-binding. Meaning that if for any reason the 18 year old decides to change his mind, he is free to do just that. The last time I checked 18 year olds change their mind about as often as the wind blows. Thus it is a frustrating time for college recruiters until that signature is signed on the dotted line.

Robert Nkemdiche is doing nothing new. He is weighing his options and letting the teams send their best pitch. Ole Miss has his brother on their team, and Alabama has Nick $aban and his history of creating first round NFL Draft picks.

While he is officially decommitted from Clemson that does not mean he won’t end up there. It just means that it isn’t a guarantee.

We’ll see where Robert decides to Take His Talents in the Spring…