Terrell Owens to Sign With Seattle Seahawks

Updated: August 6, 2012

Other than a bizarre appearance on Dr. Phil, we have seen and heard little of Terrell Owens in the last year. Word is that T.O. was still in great shape, and looking to extend his playing career. He popped up in an Indoor Football League for a breif period of time, before the team parted ways with T.O. over a contract dispute.

Now he may back back as a Seattle Seahawk, though they just signed Braylon Edwards.

Here are the details:

ESPN’s Ed Werder reports that Owens has a “very impressive” workout with the Seahawks, and that the Seahawks are “expected” to “try to sign” the receiver.

There are confirmed reports that Owens ran a 4.4 forty yard dash. At his age that is incredibly impressive. He’s still got at least 10 good games of football left in him, why not sign him to a small contract and see what happens?

Welcome back TO. Even if this is the last act, I’ll still have my popcorn ready.