Pacman Jones to Speak to NFL Rookies

Updated: June 13, 2012

If there is anyone in the NFL that is perfect for this type of gig, it is Pacman. He’s been in trouble more times that I can remember dating all the way back to his days as a Tennessee Titan. He’s seemingly turned his life around and now is ready to give back. Jones will be speaking at the rookie symposium:

Jones told that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has called on him to participate in the rookie symposium, which takes place June 25-28. Jones says he has begun crafting his message at the symposium, which will be attended by every player chosen in this year’s NFL draft.

“The message is, this is not a joke. At the end of the day you have to treat it like a business,” Jones said. “And you’re a business owner and every decision you make is a reflection of you.”


Never forget:

Written by D. Wash

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