2012 Free Agency: How Will It Effect the NFL Draft

Updated: March 14, 2012

Free agency has started, and the deals have been fast and furious.  We’ve seen a handful of mid-tier NFL players change teams in less than 48 hours.  Many of these signings will shape the 2012 NFL Draft.  But which?  Let’s take a quick look….

  • Vincent Jackson to Tampa
    Tampa needed a big wideout, they probably hold off taking a WR with a high pick now and wait on Benn to progress
  • Redskins trade for #2 overall pick, sign Josh Morgan and Pierre Garcon
    The Redskins will be releasing Jabar Gaffney and/or Santana Moss, and the Robert Griffin III era will begin
  • Giants sign Martellus Bennett
    They won a SB with pretty much no TE play… so take this as a upgrade
  • Cowboys sign Brandon Carr, Kyle Orton
    Cowboys looking to upgrade the defensive backfield and they are not done yet.  They could still use a high pick on a corner, but DE is now more likely
  • Brandon Marshall traded to Chicago
    Marshall got into another “incident” in which people got hurt….
  • Chargers sign Robert Meachem
    Chargers may be looking to focus in on defense in this draft. Still need a pas rusher to emerge
  • Colts resign Reggie Wayne
    Wayne is a 10 year veteran and has a ring.  He loves Indy and Indy loves him. He will love Andrew Luck
  • Cortland Finnegan signs with St. Louis
    Dont rule out St. Louis drafting a CB still, but WR looks like where they will invest some draft picks
  • Saints resign Marques Colston
    It was between Colston or Meachem to resign and we see who won
  • 49ers sign Randy Moss
    Randy Moss is 35 years old and coming off retirement, I don’t rule out the 49ers drafting another receiver to go with him