Draft Talk: The Broncos Will Draft a QB. Get Ready Tebow Fans

Updated: January 17, 2012

The Broncos had a good season. No one expected this team to end up in the playoffs and actually win a game, yes. And yes, Tim Tebow was a apart of a tremendous team effort to make all of this happen. Despite backing into the playoffs 0-3 down the stretch and with some of the worst play at the quarterback position in a decade, the Broncos made the playoffs and advanced to the divisional round. That on it’s own is a success.

It has been regurgitated 1,000,000 times. Some people believe Tebow is the reason for the Broncos succes, others believe it is all the defense. And realists like me, see that it is primarily a commitment to running the ball, which easily could have happened under Kyle Orton, that was the main driver to the team’s success. Had the Broncos ran the ball as much as they did with Tebow with Kyle Orton, and actually had the passing threat of Kyle Orton and Brandon Lloyd this team could have easily won 10 games with the way the schedule folded when Tebow got the snaps.

But we’ll never know. But what we do know is that Tebow has the worst completion rate of any quarterback this side of Akili Smith, and John Elway himself has said as recently as THIS WEEK that “the passing game is not where it needs to be.” Yes, John is probably as excited as the #1 Tebowmaniac to win a playoff game but even he doesn’t have the wool over his eyes. Nor should you for that matter.

Here is the fact of the matter of the situation. When the Broncos get a chance to acquire a passer better than Tebow they simply will. It’s that simple. No hate, no hyperbole, no excuses needed. Tebow simply is not good enough, and that’s John Elway’s words not mine. Now whether that QB is Matt Flynn, Jason Campbell, Nick Foles, Darron Thomas, Brock Osweiler, or Robert Griffin III is yet to be seen.

What do I think will happen? One of two scenarios:

1. The Broncos draft a quarterback in the second or third round, and allow Tebow to start the season while the rookie gets acclimated and ultimately replaces him.

In this scenario John simply lets Tebow play himself out of the job. After 5 or so more 46% passing days and a losing record the fans will start to rumble. The Tebowmania will calm down and the rookie (Nick Foles, Kellen Moore, whoever) will ease in and take the job.

2. The Broncos bring in a veteran who they know will beat Tebow outright in camp.

This is the more volatile move as Tebowmania will still be loud and vocal that “Tebow get a chance” and that “Tebow is a gamer” who “just wins.” Lord forbid that veteran (Jason Campbell, Matt Flynn, etc.) starts the season 2-3 or worse. Tebowmania will back booing in the first quarter, distracting the team, then we have a complete repeat of the beginning of 2011.

If you had to make me guess. I’d say the Broncos will go the rookie route and let Tebow play himself down the depth chart. It lets John Elway save face, dies down Tebowmania, and puts the least amount of pressure on Tebow’s replacement.