Florida State Considering Move to SEC

Updated: September 15, 2011

Earlier this week Bobby Bowden had an announcement to make which had all of FSU Nation upset.  When it came to pass Bowden announced that he hid cancer from the school while he was coaching.  Now the school has to  deal with another announcement.

Florida State may become the 14th school in the SEC once Texas A&M joins the conference.  The super conferences are becoming real folks…. Here are the details

Andy Haggard, chairman of FSU’s board of trustees, told the Palm Beach Post Tuesday that the school is in the process of forming a committee (not pictured) that will explore FSU’s options as it pertains to future conference affiliation.  Those options would apparently include remaining in the ACC or moving to the SEC if enough conference dominoes tumble.

Source: PFT


I am not a big fan of super conferences.  The way the NCAA is already setup only 6 conferences get a legit shot to be the “national” champion in this BCS.  I’ve posted far too many rants on the BCS and how they and these schools are taking advantage of free labor and kid’s dreams.  Now they are pushing more of the smaller conferences and schools out of the “circle” which is going to have a trickle down effect on recruiting, revenues, and the so called National Title.

The BCS schools can do whatever they like.  Until we get a playoff system the National Title really doesn’t mean jack if everyone can’t win it.