Vikings Cut Bryant McKinnie For Being Near 400 Lbs

Updated: August 8, 2011

That was NOT a typo. The Vikings cut offensive tackle Bryant “B. Major” McKinnie after he reported to the team close to 400 lbs. McKinnie Usually plays around 340 lbs, so for him to show up almost 60 lbs above that is insane.

The final straw came when McKinnie showed up to training camp weighing far more than what the Vikings wanted — close to 400 pounds, according to an NFL source.

Source: Star Tribune

I remember an interview I saw with Ray Allen on the NBA lockout and he said something profound that stood out in my mind.

“During the 1999 lockout a lot of careers ended.”

Ray Allen said that the extended NBA lockout caused guys to stop paying attention to their conditioning and because of that a lot of guys lost their careers. Looks like the same thing happened to Bryant McKinnie. He isn’t going to be the only guy that it happens to in the NFL. He is just the first that we know of right now.