Two things this year's NBA and NFL drafts have in common

Updated: June 22, 2011

We’re just a day away from the 2011 NBA Draft (don’t forget to check out our Draft coverage here). That got me thinking- what does this year’s draft have in common with the one in April? I found a couple similarities:

1. The number one picks are going to VERY bad teams

Cam Newton and projected number-one pick Kyrie Irving are headed to teams whose abysmal play earned them the number one spot in each draft. Jake Delhomme couldn’t hold down a starting gig in Carolina, while the LeBron-less Cavs held onto life harder than their owner was holding onto his resentment.  The Cavs and Panthers combined for a record of 21-76 (compare that to the combined 69-29 record the teams earned just the year prior). I guess this is what these drafts were made to do- get the worst teams the best youngsters, and some hope for the future. The bad news is that neither player will skyrocket their team to the top, which leads to my second point:

2. There are no superstars in either class

Some are calling it the worst draft in NBA history as far as prospects go. The NFL wasn’t far behind. There’s usually a couple guys each year who are labeled can’t-miss prospects (John Wall & Ndamukong Suh 2010, Blake Griffin & Michael Crabtree 2009). Not the case in either draft this year. Irving was injured most of the year and remained the top prospect, without much competition. Newton was taken first despite his off-the-field concerns and lack of mental capacity for the game.

Only time will tell if these drafts produce superstars or busts. THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is the beauty of the draft.