Ray Lewis Says 'Crime Will Increase' With No NFL

Updated: May 23, 2011

ESPN did an interview with Ray Lewis in which he said some pretty prophetic things that have a lot of people thinking right now.  The Ravens linebacker said that with no NFL season, “evil that’s called crime will increase, because some people have nothing.”

I can agree with Ray to a certain point.  Without a season a lot of people will have idle time on their hands.  Right now you have 150 rookies and about another 50-100 college free agents sitting around with nothing to do.  Those guys don’t have the luxury of having a year’s notice to save up game checks to float them through the summer.  They really have no way of creating income right now, and a lot of idle time on their minds.

Think about it.

You’re 21-22, you just made the NFL, and you are not allowed to workout at the team facilities, meet with your coaches, and you don’t have any money.  I can see where this goes wrong.  Think “Michael Vick club appearance” type wrong.