Vikings RB Adrian Peterson Calls NFL Slavery

Updated: March 15, 2011

Adrian Peterson sat down with Yahoo! Sports Shutdown Corner for an interview in which he made some very strong statements about the NFL’s current labor situation.  Peterson said, and I quote:

“It’s modern-day slavery, you know? People kind of laugh at that, but there are people working at regular jobs who get treated the same way, too. With all the money,” Peterson continued. “The owners are trying to get a different percentage, and bring in more money.”

Now I understand you are mad that the owners won’t open up the books for the players to see, but the fact of the matter is this.  NFL players are employees, not business partners and they have already turned down an agreement from the owners that gave into all of their demands.  I’m sorry AP but I can’t find it in me to feel sorry for a 25 year old that made well over $10 million last year.  Im trying to find it….. nah, its not there.

The players need to realize that as long as they are on the field they are employees and if they wish to see the numbers maybe they should set their contracts up like some great baseball players do and not only play for the team, but position themselves to own a portion of it as well.