32 in 32: Who Will the Cleveland Browns Draft?

Updated: February 17, 2011

We are back after a day of deep thought and draft discussion.  As we roll on in the 32 in 32 series, it is time to take a look at the Cleveland Browns.  The Browns are slotted at five in the draft and there are a number of ways they can go.  New team President Mike Holmgreen is looking to continue the teams transition to a defensive powerhouse through the draft.  QB Colt McCoy is going into his second year after looking pretty good in limited duty.

So will the Browns go with defense or get weapons around Colt? Here are the most likely draft scenarios for the Browns:

1. AJ Green WR Georgia

If by some stroke of luck the Browns are staring at AJ Green on the draft board I fully expect them to draft AJ.  Mohammed Massaquoi is a nice possession receiver and Cribbs is a nice wildcard, but neither is really a #1.  AJ Green can step in and make everyone on that receiving corps better simply due to his presence.

2. Robert Quinn DE UNC

A lot of people are forgetting that if Robert Quinn would have been allowed to play he would probably be the second pick in this draft.  If he is there when the Browns pick they have to take a long look at him.  Quinn is every bit as good as Daquan Bowers, and has more experience on top of it.  Quinn would give the Browns the pass rush they are severely lacking.

3. Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska

Say what? Yes.  If Patrick Peterson, AJ Green, and Marcel Dareus are all off the board then the Browns could throw a “shocker” pick out there with Amukamara.  Just one season after drafting Joe Haden in the first round, drafting Amukama would give the team two young corners to build around.  As this team transitions to a defensive powerhouse, never doubt that Holmgreen could take the highest rated defensive player at any position he sees fit.