Jake Locker Leads The Top Draft Prospects? Not So Fast

Updated: September 19, 2010

Going into this season, analysts and experts placed Jake Locker firmly at the top of their draft boards. It seemed like it was a forgone conclusion that the Huskies Quarterback would be going #1 overall to the NFL’s worst team next year.

As a matter of fact according to one unnamed NFC team executive, their current draft board looks as such:

1. Jake Locker, QB (6-3, 226), Washington
2. Prince Amukamara, CB (6-1, 200), Nebraska
3. Andrew Luck, QB (6-4, 235), Stanford
4. A.J. Green, WR (6-4, 207), Georgia
5. Marcell Dareus, DE (6-3, 303), Alabama

(Source: Philadelphia Daily News)

Not only is Locker ranked #1 overall in this draft, but Ryan Mallett, Christian Ponder, and Pat Devlin are no where to be found. Ironically it has been Mallet not Locker, Luck, or Ponder to be the the guy to stand out so far this season.

Locker went a putrid 4 of 20 for 71 yards against Nebraska, with two interceptions to boot.

Is this a #1 overall worthy performance? Not at all. Of course, all of this can be quickly forgotten if Locker comes out and has one of his more solid days passing and rushing in the next few weeks.

It is definitely worth it though to keep a closer eye on Locker. Nebraska is probably the closest thing to a professional defensive scheme Locker will see this season and he struggled mightly.

If Ryan Mallett keeps playing as he has there may be another person in the running for the #1 overall draft pick and first Quarterback to be taken. Its up to Locker to bounce back, and bounce back in a big way in the coming weeks.