Write For Us!

Are you a die hard football fanatic? Love the NFL or NBA Draft? Do you just love sports in general? Then join the team over here at MDHQ!

That’s right we are looking for a handful of talented writers to join the team today. No experience is necessary and we have no quotas or word count requirements. You just have to be a knowledgeable fan, spell well, and have good grammar.

But why should I write for you guys when I could write for Bleacher Report or my own blog?

Here is the thing, you could write for Bleacher Report or start your own blog but you are up against a few obstacles:

1. Buried in the mountain of content over at Bleacher.

2. Writing for the “dangling carrot” of paid assignments…..

3. MDHQ is over three years old and has established relationships in the sports world it would take you equally as long to obtain.

4. We are still very much on the ground floor, meaning as we grow so will you.

So What Are We Looking For?

We want to talk to you if you cover the subjects of:

  • College Football
  • College Hoops
  • Fantasy Football
  • NBA Draft News
  • NFL Draft News
  • NFL News and Rumors

If you think this opportunity is right for you, please send me a short email today and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I look forward to hearing from you!

D. Wash
Founder, Mock Draft HQ