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The Swish: NBA Midseason MVP Award Prediction

It’s the mid-season of the 2012 NBA campaign, and many exciting accomplishments have already happened. I am already thinking about who is going to win the end of the season awards.

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Lebron Says Team USA Would Beat 92 Dream Team [Video]

I feel what Lebron is saying to a degree. He does not want to openly admit that Karl Malone, Sir Charles, David Robinson, Magic, Bird, and this guy named Jordan would eat his lunch. But sometimes you have to be … Continue reading

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Team USA Basketball Scrimmage is Getting Nasty: Crossovers and Alley Oops Galore [Video]

Check out the video below of Team USA getting it in. These are the best basketball players in the world competing against each other. Practice is like an All-Star game. In the video below rookie Anthony Davis almost gets his … Continue reading

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Greg Oden to the Miami Heat in 2013

Even if the Heat find a way to win the NBA title with Joel Anthony as their starting center, they should be looking to add a veteran to take that position over in the near future. Anthony is a great … Continue reading

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Lebron James Wins 2012 NBA MVP

Yes, his hairline is fading. Yes, he left Cleveland and threw what looked like a Jurmaine Dupri after party the minute he hit South Beach. Yes, Dirk took the soul of the “big three” last year in the NBA Finals. … Continue reading

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Kevin Durant & Matt Barnes Say Kobe Would Beat Lebron 1 on 1

In this video for the LA times, Kevin Durant, Matt Barnes, and a few other players were asked who would win in a 1 on 1 game between Kobe Bryant and Lebron James. Durant said Kobe with his basis being … Continue reading

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Video: Stephen A Smith Goes Off on Lebron James

Stephen A. Smith has been a guy who always appreciated good basketball. If you’re playing well, he has no problem saying that. If you suck (shout out to Slava Mevendenko) he has no problem saying that as well. He rarely … Continue reading

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Video: Michael Jordan Disses Lebron in NBA 2k12 Ad

Ever since Lebron took his talents to south beach everyone and their grandaddy has been calling him every name in the book. After seeing this NBA 2k ad I have to say that #23 himself took a swipe also. Michael … Continue reading

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Audio Interview: Rashard Lewis Talks About Lebron James Rumors!

Want to know if Rashard Lewis is sleeping with Lebron James’ girlfriend? Want to know if there is any truth to the rumor that Lebron found out shortly before game 4, in which he looked completely preoccupied? Want to know … Continue reading

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Was Lebron James’ Decision Worth It?

A year ago, I wrote an emphatic article on the hype surrounding Lebron’s decision to take his talents to South Beach called Why Lebron James Decision was Actually the Right One.  In that article I addressed some of the concerns … Continue reading

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