Making a Push for the 2013 NBA Playoffs? Bobby Brown is Here to Help

bobby brownI know what you’re thinking, but not that Bobby Brown. Though it would be hilarious if Mr. Perrogative actually had hoop skills.

A story came out on Yahoo! Earlier today that Bobby Brown (PG Siena) will have his contract terminated just in time for the NBA’s playoffs. Brown is presumed to make the jump right back into the thick of things as soon as he is eligible. He’s played over 100 NBA career games before moving on to Euroleague, where he is the leading candidate for MVP this season: Continue reading

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Shabazz Muhammad Has a Self Described “Killer Instinct”

shabazz muhammadMany times we stand in awe of the mental fortitude of players such as Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, etc. They have that it factor. There is just something in them that you can tell wants to win a little more than everyone else on the court.

To a certain degree many other players have found that drive for a season or two. Lebron had it during the 2012 playoffs. Gilbert Arenas had it around 2008. It is what really separates the “good” from the great players.

UCLA super freshman Shabazz Muhammad says he indeed has this in him as well. And he calls it Continue reading

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2013 Draft: Ben McLemore Top 3 Pick?

ben mclemoreAs we get closer and closer to the 2013 NBA Draft, you’ll start to hear more about a lot of guys. Guys like Rudy Gobert and Anthony Bennett will become names on your radar sooner rather than later but for now let me alert you to a guy you probably can actually catch a glance of on ESPN sometime: Kansas’ Ben McLemore.

McLemore is a two guard with an amazing touch for shooting. He really looks effortless at times. A lot of people are already calling him this year’s Bradley Beal, but only more athletic. I’ve even read of one report where he was compared to a smaller Lebron James.

Here is the thing that jumps out at you when you watch him: Continue reading

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Jeff Van Gundy: You Can’t Build Around John Wall

john wallWizards fans, please don’t shoot the messenger. I’m just trying to give you the large picture!

Jeff Van Gundy was recently asked about the Wizards and what he would do to get the NBA’s worst team in competition again. He took the time to fire some not so nice comments at our boy (shout out to Raleigh) John Wall.

Van Gundy’s comments and my thoughts below: Continue reading

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Could Shabazz Muhammad be the #1 Pick in the 2013 Draft?

shabazzAs the NBA season creeps more and more towards the playoff scramble, I’ve been getting more serious about the 2013 NBA Draft. Almost every analyst I follow has UCLA Fresh Shabazz Muhammad as the #1 talent, but for some reason they all are predicting that Kentucky C Nerlens Noel will be the first man picked.

That’s fine and all, but it is kind of obvious that no matter who gets that magic ping pong ball Shabazz is a favorite to be the pick.

Why? Because of the success of one man: Continue reading

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2013 NBA Mock Draft: Michael Carter-Williams the Next Great PG?

michael carter williamsSyracuse PG Michael Carter-Williams is getting a lot of hype right now in 2013 NBA Draft circles. The 6’5 point is among those leading the nation in assists with over 10 a game, and he is gaining the attention of draft scouts and opposing teams alike.

With everything going on right now the jury on Carter-Williams is still out. Is he a top 5 pick or a late lottery? Continue reading

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2013 NBA Draft: Nerlens Noel #1 Overall Pick?

nerlensJust yesterday I was browsing some 2013 NBA mock drafts online, and I noticed a trend. Almost all of them had Kentucky freshman PF/C Nerlens Noel #1 overall. Now I don’t think he is a bad player, but I didn’t really see a reason for him to go #1 when there are much more talented offensive players available with as much upside. Alex Len, Cody Zeller, and Shabazz Muhammad all are more polished offensively at this point in their careers.

Either way, according to Chad Ford Noel is still the consensus #1 overall player: Continue reading

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Jabari Parker Makes Decision: He Will Be Going to…

jabari….the Duke Blue Devils. Coach K did it again. The big SF out of Simeon has decided to spur the likes of Kentucky, BYU, etc. to join the Blue Devil squad this upcoming fall.

Here is the official word on Jabari Parker’s decision, and my takes on it: Continue reading

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Kobe Describes Himself as “A Super Hero That Just Likes to Shoot”

lebron kobe team USAThe Lakers are officially becoming the laughing stock of the NBA.

Not that they shouldn’t be respected for the championships that have been won over the last decade, but the fact is that a series of moves have left them with one of the most eclectic group of personalities on one team we have seen in a while. I almost would rather have cameras follow them around for a Basketball Wives show then actually watch them play.

Kobe Bryant was recently asked if he shoots the ball too much in the new Mike D’Antoni offense (Bean leads the league in scoring) and he responded like only he can: Continue reading

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Nerlens Noel to Possibly Break Rajon Rondo’s Steal Record

nerlensHow often does a center break a record that typically guards achieve?

Well that could happen at Kentucky this year. Talented center Nerlens Noel is on pace to break current Celtics’ great Rajon Rondo’s school record for steals. That is very impressive considering Rajon is a 6’4 PG and Noel is manning the center position at 6’10: Continue reading

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