Spotlight: The Baby Growth Chart by BabyCalculators

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    The birth of a child is always a huge and very important event in the family’s life. Parents are waiting for long nine month to see a smiling face that is very similar to theirs. It makes parent’s heart beating more intense and it overfills with the tenderness, love and caress. Everything changes when a mommy with a small smiling baby steps into the house. From this moment the life of the whole family changes – everyone takes care of a baby that brings a lot of happiness for each family member.

    The first sounds that child makes, the first eructation, the first steps and the first teeth – with all these small but marvelous doings moms want to share with the whole world. Fortunately, nowadays mothers have a chance to show everyone how their children grow and what they are learning during the first years of their lives. Then, another question pops up: what is a best way to share with other mommies how their child grows up? Easy!

    Nowadays the web can offer a big variety of choices for mothers. With the popularity on baby-blogs and forums more and more moms share their child’s development process with their friends. Using widgets can significantly simplify the process of tracking the child’s growth in a fun way. With this Baby Growth Chart Widget mothers can save themselves some time and be more organised. Moreover, we all know that most blogs with cool and remarkable features tend to be more popular than ones without them. So why hesitate?

    If you want to share how your pretty little baby is growing up – start doing it right now. It is easy to register on the web-page and start using it. The website is very simple to use – mommy can choose the American or European measuring system, all the information mommies are keeping in their blog can be printed or saved as an image. Moreover, it uses international standards developed by the World Health Organization.


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