Top 4 NBA Teams with the Oldest Roster

carmelo struggle faceYou’d think that young men would dominate professional basketball. Oddly enough, there are some pretty good NBA teams with old players who just keep hanging on.

1. New York Knicks

Average age: 32

Oldest player: Kurt Thomas, 40

The New York Knicks not only have the oldest roster in the NBA, the team has the oldest roster in NBA history. Kurt Thomas, at 40, is the oldest player in the league. Jason Kidd, who will turn 40 in March, isn’t far behind him.

Despite an elderly line up (in pro sports terms, at least), they won over 65 percent of their games in the 2012-2013 conference regular season (as of mid-February), putting them second in the Eastern Conference. Not bad for a bunch of old guys.

2. San Antonio Spurs

spursAverage age: 27.93

Oldest player: Tim Duncan, 36

The San Antonio Spurs have six players who are 30 or over. Head coach Gregg Popovich says that he monitors how many minutes all of his players stay in the game. Young or old, they’re all playing on the clock.

Tim Duncan, the oldest player on the team, usually spends a little under 30 minutes on the court. Ginobli (35) and Jackson (34) usually get a few more minutes than Duncan. The other players 30 and over are Tony Parker (30), Boris Diaw (30), and Matt Bonner (32). Despite their aging roster, they are the top of the Western Conference. Who wouldn’t take a pair of San Antonio Spurs tickets to see those old guys run circles around newbies?

3. Miami Heat

lebronAverage age: 29.52

Oldest player: Ray Allen, 37

The Miami Heat has 9 players 30 and over. There are just too many to name. (Even LeBron James (28) is creeping towards the 30-year-old mark. He still goes out and gets at it like he’s a teenager.) With an average age of 29.52, they’re not far from the Knicks in terms of elderly players.

The interest thing is that the Heat, just like the Knicks and Spurs, are at the top of their conference. It seems that experience really does have an impact on how team members communicate with each other and execute their highly practiced skills.

4. Boston Celtics

celticsAverage age: 28.46

Oldest player: Kevin Garnett, 36

The Boston Celtics have a rather aging roster. The 36-year-old Kevin Garnett has good company with Paul Pierce (35) and Jason Terry (35). The 30-and-over crowd also includes Leandro Barbosa (30), Jason Collins (34), and Chris Wilcox (30).

The Celtics aren’t tearing up their conference like the other teams, but they’re holding their own. Considering that they share a conference with the Heat, it’s not surprising that they’re a bit lower in the ranks. Still, they’ve won 54 percent of their games. That’s pretty impressive for a bunch of old guys.

These pro basketball players might have crossed the 30-year-old line, but they’re still out there getting the job done. Do you think you could win a heads-up game with any of these 40-year-olds? Seriously, though, what stars would you like to see come out of retirement to really shift the averages?

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