The Swish: NBA Midseason MVP Award Prediction

Lebron and DurantIt’s the mid-season of the 2012 NBA campaign, and many exciting accomplishments have already happened. I am already thinking about who is going to win the end of the season awards.

Kevin Durant- Oklahoma City Thunder

After the loss in the 2011 NBA Finals, Kevin Durant is striving for that ring. Durant is averaging 29.6 PPG (Points-Per-Game) and 7.4 RPG (Rebounds-Per-Game). KD is also shooting lights out from downtown (second highest in career), plus his free throw percentage is currently at 91%, a significant upgrade from previous years.Durant is young (24), and that is a HUGE pro. He can shoot 3′s incredibly, and can dunk and poster. Sources say that he can be better than LeBron, and I think it can happen. Durant has been a monster lately, and he has been more aggressive than last year. Durant is beating LeBron in PPG (Points-Per-Game) this year. I don’t see LeBron repeating for MVP this year, because Durant has been valuable to his team. If you take Durant away from the Thunder; they will be lost. If you take LeBron away from Miami, you will have Wade still. Durant is showing absolute talent this year, and I believe he will continue.

Written by: Noah Miller at SportsWith3

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