The Sonics are Coming Back: Maloofs Finalizing Deal to Sell Kings to Seattle Based Group

kemp payton sonicsFor those not following the story, the Maloofs were initially going to move the Kings to Virginia Beach but the deadline for the deal is rapidly approaching and they haven’t closed it yet. So instead of stay in Sacramento and lose money every year the brothers are going to dump… I mean sell the Kings to a group that are going to move the team to Seattle.

And you know what that means…

…break out your Shawn Kemp flattops and Gary Payton jerseys. The Sonics are coming back!

Once the sale is completed, the Seattle-based group will have until March to file for relocation. NBA commissioner David Stern has been a big proponent of the Hansen-Ballmer group, and league officials will work diligently to help the franchise move to Seattle if the sale is finalized, sources said. The Seattle-based group is determined to not have the franchise spend a final lame-duck season in Sacramento.

The prospective Seattle ownership plans are to change the Kings’ name and logos back to the original proprietors of the city’s NBA history: the Sonics. “Same name and logos,” a source working with the group told Y! Sports.

When owner Clay Bennett moved the Sonics franchise to Oklahoma City in 2008, he left behind the name, logos and history.

Full story at: Yahoo!

Clay Bennett is still a greasy businessman for what he did to Seattle, but what goes around comes around. Can you imagine how rocking the Seattle-Oklahoma City rivalry is going to be? Either way I can’t wait for the Sonics to come back.

Just make sure ya’ll keep Demarcus Cousins or I won’t actually watch the games though…

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