Shabazz Muhammad Has a Self Described “Killer Instinct”

shabazz muhammadMany times we stand in awe of the mental fortitude of players such as Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, etc. They have that it factor. There is just something in them that you can tell wants to win a little more than everyone else on the court.

To a certain degree many other players have found that drive for a season or two. Lebron had it during the 2012 playoffs. Gilbert Arenas had it around 2008. It is what really separates the “good” from the great players.

UCLA super freshman Shabazz Muhammad says he indeed has this in him as well. And he calls it his killer instinct:

“I’ve always had a killer instinct,” Muhammad says, “and that’s what separated me.”

Muhammad’s coaches and teammates laud his effort in practice and his drive to stay late at the gym.

“He’s a really fierce competitor, with everything we do, everywhere,” said freshman teammate Kyle Anderson.

Via Baxter Holmes/Los Angeles Times & RealGM

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