Shabazz Muhammad and His $1,200 Gucci Backpack

gucci backpackIf you are the top prospect in the nation, have already been suspended once, and the possible #1 draft pick in the 2013 NBA draft you probably shouldn’t be rolling around with $1,000 backpacks in college.  The heat might be a little too hot to flaunt like that.  It sounds like a simple concept but it looks like no one told Shabazz Muhammad that.

Muhammad was caught with a Gucci Backpack that retails for around $1,200 a few days ago.  He claims that his sister (a professional tennis player) bought it for him.

UCLA has investigated and believes his story.  They consider the case closed but with all of the controversy in the past can you really say “case closed” in regards to Shabazz Muhammad and the NCAA?

We’ll see.

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