New Orleans Hornets Officially Rebrand to New Orleans Pelicans

pelicansEver since Tom Benson bought the New Orleans Hornets there was all sorts of rumors about what he would do with the team.  Would he trade for a legit superstar?  Would he ditch the Hornets branding?  Would he change the teams colors?

Well now he have the answers to at least two of those questions.  Yes, Benson has officially been cleared by the NBA to re-brand the team to the New Orleans Pelicans.

The new nickname, colors and logo will be used during the 2013-14 season. The colors will be blue, gold and red. Yahoo! Sports first reported the expected change Dec. 4. The Hornets had been expected to change their identity since being purchased by Tom Benson on April 14.

Benson owns the rights to the nickname Pelicans. It has not been determined when Pelicans merchandise will be available.

The Pelican is the state bird of Louisiana, which is known as the Pelican State. The Pelican is also on license plates, the state flag, the state seal and the state painting.

No word on if this means that Michael Jordan will make a move to acquire the Hornets branding for his Charlotte team.  Jordan has said in the past that he will explore all options if the name became available.

Well MJ…. it’s available.

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