2013 Draft: Ben McLemore Top 3 Pick?

ben mclemoreAs we get closer and closer to the 2013 NBA Draft, you’ll start to hear more about a lot of guys. Guys like Rudy Gobert and Anthony Bennett will become names on your radar sooner rather than later but for now let me alert you to a guy you probably can actually catch a glance of on ESPN sometime: Kansas’ Ben McLemore.

McLemore is a two guard with an amazing touch for shooting. He really looks effortless at times. A lot of people are already calling him this year’s Bradley Beal, but only more athletic. I’ve even read of one report where he was compared to a smaller Lebron James.

Here is the thing that jumps out at you when you watch him: this guy is insanely fast. His speed is the first thing that caught my attention. Many times he’s outrunning his guy on offense and creating easy shots for himself and his teammates.

Where do I think he gets drafted? Easily top 8. Archie Goodwin SG Kentucky is going to be picked higher because of his potential as a NBA PG (think Westbrook) but McLemore will contribute for years to come on whatever squad he’s on.

Best case NBA comparison: Latrell Sprewell in his prime minus the crazy
Worst case NBA comparison: Bradley Beal but a way better dunker

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