Nerlens Noel to Possibly Break Rajon Rondo’s Steal Record

nerlensHow often does a center break a record that typically guards achieve?

Well that could happen at Kentucky this year. Talented center Nerlens Noel is on pace to break current Celtics’ great Rajon Rondo’s school record for steals. That is very impressive considering Rajon is a 6’4 PG and Noel is manning the center position at 6’10:

Rondo set the Wildcats record with 87 in 2005.

Noel is averaging 2.7 steals per game and could eclipse Rondo’s mark by the end of this season, provided the 6-foot-10 center keeps up his current pace.

Full Story:

I doubt Noel breaks it, as steals are one of the most difficult statistic to keep a consistent mark. But as Kevin Garnett once said:


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