Nerlens Noel Already Has Tendinitis in BOTH Knees

This is not what you’re trying to hear if you are a NBA Draft scout. Kentucky big man, Nerlens Noel, allegedly has been battling a bout of tendinitis in not one but both knees.

Noel is expected to be a top pick in the 2013 draft so we will watch this one closely. For now here are the details:

Nerlens Noel revealed Saturday that he has been dealing with knee tendinitis this season.

“I don’t get it like that (regularly),” Noel said. “Just through soreness, because it was a long week of conditioning and basketball. I get it just through soreness of playing a lot.”

Noel said the pain usually arises in his left knee, but sometimes both knees.

-Real GM/ Jerry Tipton/Lexington Herald-Leader

You never know with these big guys and knee problems. We have already seen Greg Oden wash out of the league, and now Andrew Bynum is handing on to his career by a thread. I don’t think Noel is going to be the #1 pick and if I were drafting I’d be mightily tempted to pass on him for Alex Len or Cody Zeller.

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