Kobe to Literally Start Kicking @$$ if Lakers Don’t Win Games

You cannot make this up.

One day we are going to look back, and the Kobe stories are going to rival the Jordan legends we all know so well. Kobe Bryant is never one to take losing easy, has finally mounted to making audible physical threats against his teammates if the 8-9 Lakers don’t start winning.

Here is what the Bean had to say:

“I’ll kick everybody’s ass in this locker room if it doesn’t happen,” Bryant said after a 113-103 loss to the Orlando Magic at Staples Center. Yes, the 6-10 Orlando Magic. “It’s the attitude you have to have. Metta is the same way. Dwight has it in him as well. Even though he smiles a lot, he cares a lot about this. Come hell or high water, this has to get done.”

-Yahoo!/ Joe McDonnell of FoxSports.com

Advice to Lakers: Dwight better start hitting those 80% free throws he makes in practice!

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