Could Shabazz Muhammad be the #1 Pick in the 2013 Draft?

shabazzAs the NBA season creeps more and more towards the playoff scramble, I’ve been getting more serious about the 2013 NBA Draft. Almost every analyst I follow has UCLA Fresh Shabazz Muhammad as the #1 talent, but for some reason they all are predicting that Kentucky C Nerlens Noel will be the first man picked.

That’s fine and all, but it is kind of obvious that no matter who gets that magic ping pong ball Shabazz is a favorite to be the pick.

Why? Because of the success of one man:

james harden

That’s right James Harden. The player who is Shabazz Muhammad’s NBA comparison.

What you are probably forgetting is that several of the teams in the lottery attempted to trade for Harden at the beginning of this season. The Bobcats made the call, but ultimately had nothing to offer. The Wizards came real close to completing the trade but refused to pay the amount of Harden’s extension. Both teams are favorites to get the first pick and both still need scoring in the backcourt.

A guy like Nerlens Noel compares to Marcus Camby and no offense to Camby but that isn’t a franchise changer. A great two-three man potentially is. Especially since scoring always translates.

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