2013 Recruiting: Jabari Parker to Enroll and Play Basketball, Foregoes Mormon Mission

Jabari Parker is one of the top ranked high school basketball stars in the nation. He has been getting recruited for about three years now by every top flight college basketball team you can think of.

A unique thing about him is that he is also a Mormon. Nothing against Mormons at all, it is just odd to see a top flight African American basketball player who is also a Mormon. I think this may be the first time ever?

If you know anything about Mormon students you know that they go on missions for their faith. Jabari Parker has elected to postpone his mission in exchange of starting his basketball career:

Jabari Parker will attend college rather than go on a Mormon mission after he graduates from high school next year.

“I know for a fact that I’m going to college my first year,” Parker announced on Friday.

Parker would like to make his college decision by January or February at the latest.

-Source RealGM

I still think BYU is the leader in the clubhouse to land Parker.

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