2013 NBA Draft: Maryland’s Alex Len a Sleeper #1 Pick

Before the season we posted Chad Ford’s 2013 NBA mock draft. A player that he said was going to be one to watch was Alex Len of Maryland. To Ford’s credit, though it is early in the season, it looks like Len is the real deal.

What scouts are going to love about Len is that he is a legit 7’1, has the speed to get out ahead on fast breaks, and can actually finish at the rim. He isn’t as akward as most players his size.

Comparison wise, you almost have to compare him to a Pau Gasol. He is a big man with the skill to control the ball and make offensive moves. He is everything Bobcats fans wish BJ Mullens was :( (Im kidding….)

Maybe he will be the #1 pick in our next mock draft? Who knows…

Here are some clips of Len in action so far:

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