Mitch Kupchak Hires Mike D’Antoni Over Phil Jackson

This is what we like to call the OOKIE DOKE where I’m from. Mitch Kupchak got Phil Jackson’s hopes up only to hire another candidate behind his back while Phil “thought about it.”

The funny thing is that rumors say that Phil wanted to embarrass Kupchak upon his return. Phil was rumored to have asked for a percentage of the team and a lighter travel schedule than his last run. For a guy with 11 rings that isn’t a big issue, but this is clearly personal between Mitch and Phil and we’ll never get the real story.

Here is what we do know:

Phil Jackson was called late Sunday night by Los Angeles Lakers’ general manager Mitch Kupchak to be informed that the team had reached agreement with Mike D’Antoni.

Jackson was ‘stunned’ by the call, as he left a Saturday meeting understanding “that (he) would have until Monday (today) to come back to them with (his) decision.”

Congrats Lakers fans. Instead of hiring the greatest coach of the 21st century your GM decides to get into his Drake bag of feelings and hire a guy who doesn’t have a winning record two of the three places he’s coached…..

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