ESPN Chad Ford’s Top 5 2013 NBA Mock Draft

Chad Ford has released his latest 2013 NBA Draft projections.  His list isn’t mocked specifically in any sort of order he kind of just spit out who he thinks are the top five draft eligible college basketball players in the world right now.

Without further adieu here is Chad’s list:

  • Cody Zeller- no arguments here
  • Nerlens Noel- don’t think he will finish the season top 5, but for now not bad
  • Shabazz Muhammad- I’m reading that even if he doesn’t play a minute at UCLA he will be the #2 pick at worse
  • Alex Len- ok Chad… not sure if I agree here.  Word is Len is 7’1 and extremely skilled I’ll have to watch him close this season to see if he warrants this hype
  • James Michael McAdoo- no arguments here, though I think if you had to rank these guys he’d be 5

Ill throw in some commentary.

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