Bradley Beal Struggling as a Rookie

The Wizards used the number three pick in the 2012 NBA Draft on 19 year old Bradley Beal from the University of Florida with great expectations. Beal is routinely compared to Ray Allen. While the comparison is flattering, the pressure that comes with a comparison like that often is not. That is what Beal is learning.

As a rookie Beal is struggling to hit shots (15.4% shooting) and find his flow in the games. He recently talked to some reporters about what is going on and here was his explanation:

“You always have people who think they know the answers to everything,” Beal said. “People texting me and calling me. ‘You gotta do this; you gotta do this.’

“I have too many people in my ear, so I have to eliminate that and keep my circle small and focus on what the team needs to do and what I need to do. I know a lot of people want me to do this, this and this, but that’s not important to me. We’re trying to get wins. We’re 0-2 so we have to figure out how to get wins and the outside people need to stay on the outside.”

Beal is 19 people. 19!! Give the man some time.

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