Bradley Beal Guarantees Wizards Will Make Playoffs

For some odd reason, Bradley Beal is becoming one of my favorite quotes in the league. You have to love his optimism and emotional honesty.

When asked about the state of the Wizards season, a season that he’s said is already depressing the team 11 losses in, Beal had another big quotable. This time on the playoffs:

“We will make it.”

Bradley Beal thinks his Wizards will make the playoffs:

“We’re 0-11 but we still have 71 more games,” Beal said following Saturday night’s double-overtime loss to the Charlotte Bobcats. “It’s still a long season and we still have an opportunity to get over .500.

“That’s our goal and we need to shoot for it. Just try to get in the playoffs. I mean, we’re going to make it. I have faith in this team and I think we’re more than capable of doing it.”

Come on Brad, let’s win ONE GAME first.


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