Lakers Bringing Derek Fisher Back for 2012?

The Lakers made a big splash when they acquired Suns’ PG Steve Nash and Dwight Howard. To the glee of many Laker fans they finally made a series of power move in the offseason. Last years big move was… umm.. trading Derek Fisher for Jordan Hill, and trading Lamar Odom for a trade exception.

Now that Fish’s deal is almost up with the Thunder it is becoming more and more likely that he will be back for one last run:

Derek Fisher is free to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers.

The NBA’s new CBA states that a player traded and then waived by the team that acquired him can’t re-sign with his original team, or until the traded contract runs out, whichever arrives first.

Fisher was bought out by the Rockets before he was eligible to invoke his option for 12-13, which made Fisher a full free agent on July 1st.

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