Jeremy Lin Claims He Wanted to Be a Knick Forever

Plain and simple, if Jeremy really wanted to be a Knick all he had to do was communicate with the front office and not sign the poison pill offer from Houston. New York wasn’t ever going to match that deal and we all know it, but I’m sure they could have came to an agreement. However you know and I know the only thing that matters is the moolah.

Here is Lin claiming he wanted to stay in NYC:

“You can’t ask for a city or a fan base to embrace somebody more than they embraced me,” said Lin. “I know it’s kind of silly to talk about it with only two years under my belt in the league, but going in before free agency, I was like, ‘I want to play in front of these fans for the rest of my career.’ I really did. I really wanted to play in front of the Madison Square Garden fans for the rest of my career, because they’re just unbelievable.”

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