Thunder to Trade James Harden? Serge Ibaka Resigned to New Contract

As everyone has already said, it is going to really, really, really difficult for Oklahoma City to keep their core together for a long run. As least we now know that Serge Ibaka will be staying put.

The Thunder have reached an agreement with Serge Ibaka on a four-year contract extension worth $48 million, according to league sources.

Ibaka could have become a restricted free agent after the 12-13 season.

Read more:$48M_Extension_With_Thunder#ixzz23v5cpvoy

So does this mean James Harden will get traded? Not so fast. It is still a possibility that Durant gets the guys to restructure and get James some kind of comparable deal to what he’ll get on the open market. It just depends on if OKC wants to entertain the luxury tax and if James Harden isn’t handed a max by some other team.

I predict Harden will pull a “the decision” and leave OKC to the highest bidder.

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