Sacramento Kings to Move to Virginia Beach

VA Beach Kings coming soon?

That doesn’t really have a ring to it. I wonder if there will be a Kingsgate film like the Sonics fans have, or if the people of Sacramento even really care. I know they care… but how badly? There is no real outrage over losing the Kings like you heard about the Hornets and the Sonics.

The owners of the Kings and officials from Comcast-Spectacor will be in Virginia Beach on Tuesday to look into the feasibility of building a new sports arena.

The Kings are looking for a new arena after a deal with the city of Sacramento fell through.

“Comcast, Live Nation and Global Spectrum have come to the city,” Virginia Beach Mayor Will Sessoms said last week. “They would guarantee us a professional sports team if the deal goes through.”
Via Philip Newswanger, Bill Cresenzo/Hampton Roads Business Journal

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Ever since Kobe threw the lob to Shaq, things haven’t been the same since.

Yes, I do believe that game was tainted.

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