2016 Olympics to Have No Age Limit, 37 Year Old Kobe Bryant to Remain Eligible

A lot of talk went back and forth in the media about whether or not FIBA would put a 23 year old limit on the age of Olympic competitors. Well, there wont be a limit. At least not in 2016′s Brazil games and that means….

…yes, the then 37 year old Kobe Bryant will be eligible. (Bigger question is WILL KYRIE FACE HIM?)

FIBA Secretary General and IOC member Patrick Baumann confirmed that there will not be a 23 and under rule change for the 2016 Olympics.

“From a global perspective, the progress of the talent in all other countries doesn’t go at the same speed or the same pace as the USA,” said Baumann. “They don’t all have a school system like the USA. So the ability for the rest of the world to produce a lot of talent is not the same as the USA. As a result of that, lowering the age to U23 at the Olympics could actually widen the divide between the USA and the rest of the world.

Read more: http://basketball.realgm.com/wiretap/223063/FIBA_Confirms_No_Age_Limit_For_2016_Olympics#ixzz23vBBwMQ7

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