Is Tyler Zeller the Goat for UNC’s Loss Vs Duke?

So I accidentally had ESPN2 on my TV when I woke up and awoke to seeing Skippy Bayless and Jemele Hill tackling the topic of this blogpost on “First Take.” As many of you who follow the twitter account know, I try not to watch First Take anymore because of their tendencies to make up stories to mention certain athlete’s names EVERY morning. It really is OD. Until they stop creating faux news I won’t be watching…

But anyways, on to the topic at hand. Is Tyler Zeller to blame for UNC losing?

First and foremost Austin Rivers simply made a cold blooded shot. He is the type of guy you know that lives for those big moments. Austin is one of the kids who have grown up their entire lives watching Kobe Bryant make game winner after game winner in the same fashion… he won’t be the last of the “Mini Beans” to sprout (a term I just coined gimme credit when ya’ll steal it).

A lot of people are blaming Zeller for the goal tend, the missed free throw, and the cushion he gave Rivers on the switch that led to the game winning shot.

Here is the thing though… without Zeller you aren’t even winning the game with 3 minutes left to go! Tyler gave you an amazing performance with 23 points and 11 rebounds. As much as Zeller did lose the game for UNC, you have to place at least 50% of the blame on Roy Williams for allowing his team to melt down the stretch. A 10 point lead should not evaporate into a loss in less than 180 seconds. Not unless Reggie Miller has on one of the opposing team jerseys. But that is a different scenario for a different day…

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