A Look Back: Jeremy Lin Scouting Reports Coming Out of Harvard

Jeremy Lin has emerged as the surprise of the NBA season so far. But where did this guy come from? We have decided to take a look back at all of the scouting reports written on Jeremy coming out of Harvard. Enjoy.


Uses on-ball screens very well with an ability to explode to the hoop, solid handle, above average crossover and shows the ability to split double teams with ease … Can get in the paint and make plays for others


Although he plays mostly off the ball for Harvard, he is pretty much their main facilitator and clearly the player his teammates look to early and often. He executes his team’s plays extremely well and is highly unselfish, showing very nice court vision whipping crisp passes around the court confidently, always looking to make the simple, fundamental play. It would be nice to see Lin get a little more time at the point guard spot for Harvard, but based on what we can tell he seems to have very good instincts as a playmaker.


He has good size for the position at 6-foot-3, and he is known as a wizard at reading the pick-and-roll, surveying the floor and making the smart pass. It’s unclear whether those skills will translate all that well to the NBA, but even in limited minutes, Lin showed he can at least steady the ship and get things organized.

The scouting reports say: he has good vision, makes good passes, makes plays for others, intelligent, great with pick and rolls, surveys the floor well, etc. All qualities that you would think make a true point guard. However…


Lacks a true position … Is not a natural playmaker but plays the position out of necessity at times for Harvard … Not a true point guard, and plays off the ball more effectively and often


In terms of his game now, he doesn’t do anything great but does everything well. He’s a combo guard, not a true PG but able to play either position

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One Response to A Look Back: Jeremy Lin Scouting Reports Coming Out of Harvard

  1. Luis B. Cabasis says:

    I don’t know if the above reports are complete but taking them as they were, they were mere observations. Had the scouts analyzed Lin’s statistics and awards during his high school and college playing years, they could have picked him in the first round of the draft.

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