2012 NBA Draft: Top 10 Prospects (By Prospect Central)

As you know the great NBA lockout has ended, and we are starting a new season of basketball in just about two weeks. Many teams are shuffling their rosters quickly in order to gain competitiveness against the “super teams” that are forming in the league. Some believe that the league has no interest in seeing any of the bottom 25 or so teams in the league win, due to their inability to compete for free agents.

So what does that mean if you are a fan of the Timberwolves, Bobcats, Raptors, etc? The NBA Draft means more now, than possibly ever.

Your only shot to build a decent franchise now is to luck into the lottery, draft a superstar, and surround him with enough talent to entice him to sign an extension. Call it the “OKC Thunder” gameplan.

And with that said, we have reached out to NBA and Scouting expert Prospect Central for his picks on the top 10 players in the 2012 NBA Draft.  His site is chocked FULL of scouting reports, interviews, and mock drafts.  If you love basketball, dont walk, RUN over to his site and let him know how good his work is.

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Here is Prospect’s current take on the top 10:

1. ANDRE DRUMMOND pf/c / 6’10” 270 / Middletown, CT / Uconn / Fr.
There is no player in college basketball that has the combination of size, strength and athleticism that Andre Drummond possesses. Because of these elite attributes, there is a consensus among NBA gm’s that Drummond might have the most future potential of all the 2012 draft prospects.  Drummond has a nice skill-set as well, showing a soft touch around the basket and some impressive court vision.  On the defensive side of the ball, he is a dominating force, currently averaging over three blocks per game.  Drummond needs work on his offensive aggression and foul shooting (33%), but he should still be one of the first player’s selected in any NBA draft.

2. ANTHONY DAVIS pf / 6’10” 220 / Chicago, IL / Kentucky / Fr.
When watching Anthony Davis play basketball it’s easy to see why he is a consensus top 3 draft pick among NBA gm’s.  It was only a little more than two years ago when Davis was an unknown 6-foot 3-inch guard in Chicago, IL.  Now, the 6-foot 10-inch power forward is the crown jewel of the #1 team in the nation, Kentucky Wildcats.  Davis possesses excellent ball handling abilities and athleticism as well as tremendous length and mobility. The best part of Anthony Davis’s game though has to be his shot blocking.  He’s currently averaging an outstanding 4.5 bpg.  If Davis is able to add weight while keeping his mobility, he should become a terrific NBA player.

3. HARRISON BARNES sf / 6’8” 225 / Ames, IA / UNC / So.
Harrison Barnes is an athletic wing who is able to score the rock quite easily at the collegiate level.  He uses his excellent strength and quickness to his advantage by posting up smaller defenders and blowing by bigger ones.  He also has shown a very nice jumper, with the ability to catch fire rather quickly.  Barnes displays good effort on the defensive side of the ball as well and at times can really cause havoc on his opponents. Moving forward in his career, Barnes will need to work on his ball handling skills, in particularly his left hand in order to consistently create his own offense at the next level.  By all indications, Harrison Barnes should be a solid NBA pro.

4. JARED SULLINGER pf / 6’9” 270 / Columbus, OH / Ohio State / So.
Of all the potential superstar prospects for the 2012 NBA draft, Jared Sullinger might be the biggest enigma for NBA general manager’s.  While Sullinger is a dominating post presence in college, averaging a career double double, he is predominately a below-the-rim player and lacks the elite athleticism usually needed to be an All-Star NBA power forward.  With that being said, Jared Sullinger is a very intelligent basketball player and an extremely hard worker.  I will not be surprised at all, if he proves all doubters wrong and eventually becomes an elite NBA baller.

5. JEREMY LAMB sg / 6’5” 190 / Norcross, GA / Uconn / So.
The expression, “cool as the other side of the pillow” fits the game of Jeremy Lamb perfectly.  Lamb of course emerged last year while helping the Huskies win the 2011 NCAA championship.  He is a silky smooth shooting guard who is more than capable of taking over a game offensively.  His demeanor never changes and he plays with a calmness about him that is almost zen like.  His incredible length (7′ wingspan), excellent athleticism and overall high skill-set makes him one of the more intriguing prospects for the 2012 NBA draft.  Lamb needs to continue to add strength and work on his overall game, but he definitely has a chance to be a very successful NBA player.

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