Was Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian’s Marriage Real?

If you don’t care about this topic, then forgive me. However it is near impossible to avoid in the media so we might as well cover it. Unless you are living under a rock or are just coming back from Tahiti somewhere you know by now that during the NBA lockout Nets PF Kris Humphries proposed, married, and divorced Kim Kardashian in about 72 days.

To put that in perspective, the lockout has been going on over 100 days.

But is it all a sham? Was it real? Is the wool over everyone’s eyes? Is Kris Jenner getting paid off this whole shabang? Here are some of the details a internet sleuth put together:

Wetpaint Entertainment broke the news that Kim Kardashian had her producer friends at E! approach another baller before Kris: an Italian stallion by the name of Danilo Gallinari. Danilo gracefully declined the opportunity, hence the Kimmy K / K. Hump pairing.


So allegedly Danilo Gallinari said no to Kim first… and thus you have Kris Humphries. It’s a theory similar to the JFK Magic Bullet theory, or the Kurt Cobain theory… we’ll never know the true answer but its interesting to talk about.

All in all you have to tip your hat to Kris for making himself an A list celebrity in 3 months after barely getting minutes in the NBA for most of his career.

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